Why old wi-fi network design rules no longer apply to hotels

Hotels must understand that their guests view reliable Wi-Fi as a basic requirement. A stable, powerful network is essential for accommodation providers to thrive in the face of disruptors such as Airbnb.

PlateMate keeps everything running smoothly

For top quality hospitality services, plating up for larger groups remains a considerable challenge. Every chef recognises the problem: large numbers of (dressed) plates and little room to spare. Nonetheless, it is a great feeling when everything in the kitchen runs smoothly, both during preparation and service. Thanks to PlateMate, both literally and figuratively, plating up and service have been kept running smoothly for more than 25 years …


Manchester based textiles company, Evans Textiles, is delighted to announce the launch of it’s new innovative division, Bespoke by Evans. With the sole focus of improving consumer-facing environments through a core collection of designs, specialist performance fabrics, bespoke services and ‘total solution’ – the business aims to provide all the essential elements needed to meet the modern demands of hospitality.

The Advantages of Renting or Leasing a Commercial Coffee Machine

We are well in the midst of a coffee revolution, with an increasing number of bar, restaurant and hotel owners making use of the latest commercial coffee machines in order to reward their customers with high-quality beverages.

Having one of these cutting-edge machines within your establishment is now easier than ever due to rental or leasing agreements, providing cost-savings and flexibility.

Fresh, chilled milk – without the mess

What is the busiest time in your hotel? Probably breakfast, when everyone is either checking out or keen to enjoy a nutritious breakfast before starting their day.

Four ways restaurants can use technology to drive loyalty

By Lauren Hogg, Comarch

UK restaurants are facing increasing competition, not just from competitors that provide takeaway and delivery services, but from home meal kit providers too. Growth in the UK eating out market is slowing. It grew by 1.7% in 2017 and is expected to grow by 1.5% in 2018 (although it’s still predicted to grow by £5bn in the next three years).

We can reduce your water, waste water and trade effluent costs.

Reducing water and waste water costs “It’s simple when you have the knowledge”

Merry Christmas to you from all at Longthorne!!

We hope you are all well and enjoying Game Season.

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Pre-decorated garlands & wreaths from ChristmasTimeUK

Take the stress out of decorating your venue this Christmas with pre-decorated garlands, wreaths, teardrops and table centre-pieces lovingly handmade by experts at ChristmasTimeUK – with 19 themes to choose from.


Shade Zone is a supplier of top quality alfresco solutions. We specialise in providing the hospitality sector a vast range of parasols, awnings, canopies, outdoor furniture and café barriers. We transform any outdoor area into a relaxed, customer friendly seating or social area. Our range of parasols is the perfect addition to any business’s outdoor area. The modern, elegant style creates a perfect environment that attracts customers and provides a competitive edge over rivals.

Can Designer Bathroom Pieces Increase in Value?

With the current market for refurbished Victorian and Edwardian sanitaryware, the answer is yes. A restored Victorian console basin on a stand can sell for up to £3000 while a refinished cast iron roll top will be well over £1000. Sanitary pioneers such as Thomas Twyford, George Jennings and Frederick Humpherson never imagined that their products would be highly desirable over 100 years since they were first produced but there are many flourishing restoration specialists selling baths, basins, showers and WCs to home owners in search of the authentic.

Fresh, chilled milk – without the mess

What is the busiest time in your hotel? Probably breakfast, when everyone is either checking out or keen to enjoy a nutritious breakfast before starting their day.


Disabled people can enjoy a holiday knowing they have those key aids they rely on at home, through a considerate approach to accommodation.

How UK consumers are enjoying a digital dining transformation By Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS Technology Group

When diners order their burger and fries these days, it often comes with a hefty helping of digital on the side.

Digital transformation is truly gripping the UK restaurant industry now – and I’m sure it can provide answers to some of today’s key challenges.